Friday, July 31, 2015

AlphaBOOM: Learning the Alphabet Through Names

Hey guys! I'm linking up with Babbling Abby today to share my favorite alphabet activities.  My favorite way to teach the alphabet is by starting with the children's names.  They are so excited and motivated to read and write their name and the names of their new friends! Here are a few things we do during our name unit the first couple weeks of school.

The first day, we always read The Kissing Hand and make this predictable chart.  I love for my kids to see their names over and over those first days - great letter practice and it makes the classroom feel like theirs!

We also make "Star Names."  These are great fine motor and letter practice.

To make them, write your students names large, with ample space between each letter.  Get these star stickers.  You can find them at any office supply place.

I cut the stickers into strips so each child can only use one color.  The names come out much easier to read that way.  Then, I explain how to follow the lines and place the stickers closely together to make their name.  Most kids are able to do this independently, but this is also a great small group activity!  After we finish the names, I post them right by our carpet area, so we can refer to them throughout the year.

We make these fun BIG letters of the first letter in our name.  I draw the letter and add random lines.  I tell the kids to color each section a different color.

Once they are done coloring, we cut out the letter and I take their picture with it.  We use the pictures to make a class book that the kids LOVE.

These letters look really cool taped to the ceiling around the room (as long as your fire marshal allows it).  And it gives the kids something to look at during rest time.

Once we have learned the letters in our names and our friends' names, we also do a lot of letter sound sorting activities.  This is one of my kids' favorites - and it incorporates graphing, too!

Beginning Consonant Spin and Graph...the kids spin the spinner, identify the beginning sound, and write that letter on their graph.  This is a simple way to practice first sound segmentation and letter writing.  It usually starts as a small group activity, and then moves into a center after the kids become independent.  I have this game in my TpT store and it includes all the consonants except for X.

One other thing I like about this game is that a letter "wins" when it reaches the top, but none of the students lose.  They love predicting what letter will win and get excited to see it reach the top!

Thanks for reading through all these fun activities today.  I'm looking forward to reading everybody's alphabet ideas!!


  1. I love these ideas! I also like to do lots of activities using their names during the first couple of weeks of school. Thanks for some ideas that I can add to my unit!! Linda G.

  2. I love your name ideas! The big letter with photo book....precious!

  3. Thank you for sharing all your fun ideas! I definitely think I'm going to try the star names idea! I tried doing it with fruit loops before, but when they hung in the hallway, the fruit loops would fall off the paper. I've also done it where they trace their name in glue and then I put glitter on it. They really love that!

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

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