Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five for Friday

I'm staying in for a lazy Saturday night, and taking the opportunity to visit my neglected blog and link up with DoodleBugs!

1. I am so excited about the penguins we made this week.  Deep Space Sparkle has an awesome step-by-step breakdown of how to help your students make these fun, unique penguins!

2. We also used Miss Kindergarten's freebie to make our first All About books!

3.  This was how I felt on Friday!  Six weeks without a paycheck is too long!

4. We spent the month learning about reading with a buddy.  Here is part of our anchor chart - what we can say to help our reading buddies.  Who better to learn from than Gerald and Piggie?

5.  I am excited for February to start this week!  We have so many fun things to celebrate!   If you're looking for some related leveled books, check out my February Holiday Bundle.  It includes books for Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Presidents Day, and 3 books for Valentine's Day!


  1. The squirrel made me chuckle. Cute penguins, too. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Really these penguins are cute. I will show this thread to my lovely daughter who loves paintings and she is learning new things in her Phoenix kindergarten. She seems very excited in morning when she is getting ready for her school.


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