Saturday, August 9, 2014

Five for Friday - August 9
Hey everybody!  I'm linking up with DoodleBugs for Five for Friday!

 1.  I spent the past week at a workshop for teaching English language learners.  It was really great!  I learned some really great strategies for building language for my ELLs.  And, they gave us some beautiful hardback books, including this precious one by Margaret Wise Brown.  They also gave us the English version (All the Families).  I can't wait to use it as a take home book/family project.

2.  I also went shopping for some stuff this week!  I'm really excited about these super cute cards.  My kindergartners need nametags for the first month of specials and I think these will be perfect.

3. I also got some cute paw print stuff.  To get our kids excited about college, each classroom at my school chooses one.  My room is University of Georgia.  The kids love being "the Bulldogs", so I'm adding some new Georgia-themed stuff to my room this year.
4.  I don't usually post much about products I buy, but I am SO EXCITED about Mrs. Leeby's new name pack.  It has four great editable name practice worksheets that I know my kids will enjoy.  And she also included free name plates and two of her fonts.  If you teach kindergarten, go check out her tutorial. 

 5. I've been working on some new bright chevron products, including these Stars and Chevron Number Posters.   They match my word family and alphabet posters. 

I'm hoping to get into my classroom and work some next week, but I'm still waiting for them to wax the floors.  If they don't finish soon I'm really going to get nervous.  Our Meet the Teacher night is a week and a half away and my room is a mess!  Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)  If you're going back to school this week, good luck!

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