Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Harper Grace

I'm linking up with Big Time Literacy today to write about one of my favorite things - my dog!
I got Harper about a week before I finished undergrad.  I had wanted a dog for a long time, and living in an apartment I knew I needed something small.  My roommate found this cutie on Craigslist and I knew I had to have her.
She's a malti-poo (maltese and poodle mix) and when I got her she was only four months old.  She weighed four pounds and was pretty much a big ball of fur.  The first family that had her named her Cuddles (I try not to hold this against them since I'm sure one of their young kids gave her the name :) but I knew even before I got her that I wanted to name her Harper.  I was student teaching at the time and one of my students' little sisters was named Harper.  I just thought it was the cutest name ever, and not something I'd heard much before.  When I saw this puppy I knew she was my Harper.  
I'm not sure when I started calling her Harper Grace, but it just seemed to fit.  Not every dog is cool enough to have a middle name, but HG is just too special for one name, haha.  
She is the best companion, and even occasionally puts up with me dressing her up.
One of my best teaching friends has a daughter named Harper.  Here they are together - we're trying to keep Harper the girl's food away from Harper the dog.  Neither of them can understand that they both have the same name.  So, when I'm with my friend's daughter, we just call Harper Grace "puppy." 

Now Harper is a whopping 8 pounds, and 5 years old!  I live by myself right now, and so I am especially happy to have her greeting me each day when I get home.  One of these days, I'd love to get a second dog - Harper loves playing with her doggy friends - but I can't as long as I'm living in an apartment.  Hopefully someday soon!

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  1. Your pictures are so cute! I love the name Harper!
    Not very fancy

  2. Adorable! Pets and kids just go together. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Aww the two Harpers! Too funny! Your dog is ADORABLE!

  4. Harper is a beautiful dog! Love her name! My dogs put up with me dressing them up as well. Such cute photos.


  5. Harper is an adorable name and she's super cute! Thanks for linking up today! :-)


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