Monday, June 2, 2014

Currently - June

Hello blogging world.  Is anyone still with me?  I haven't blogged in 3 months, and I am so sorry.  As I mentioned before, I worked on my National Boards this year.  This spring every time I thought about blogging I knew I should be working on them.  But they are done now, phew!  Now I just have my fingers crossed till December when I will get the results.
my celebratory NBPTS picture
 And I figured "Currently" was the best way to get back to blogging!  Thank you, Farley!

Listening...Dierks Bentley.  His new single has been stuck in my head all day.
Loving...the last 10 days of school.  Our 10 day countdown started today, and each day my class is doing something special.  Today was Game Day with board and card games.  Tomorrow is Movie Day with Charlotte's Web, which we just finished reading.  I've found that having something special each day helps these last two weeks go a little faster.
Thinking...see above :)
Wanting...Summer Break!  I have the sweetest class this year, but all of a sudden they are all tattling on each other and whining, and I think we are all really ready for some time off. run today.  Just waiting for the sun to go down a bit.
Summer Bucket List... I have more than could fit in that box, but those are the main things.  I can't wait to go to London in July.  I spent a summer there in college and it was amazing!
Hard to believe this was six years ago!
 This time, I'm going with my parents and little sister.  None of them have been before so I am excited to show them around one of my favorite cities. 
And my other big bucket list item is running!  I signed up for a half marathon in October, so I need to get moving!! 

That's it for now.  If you are reading this, thank you for not giving up on me during my National Board craziness.  I'm hoping to post soon about some of the fun stuff my class has been up to!  I hope you end of year activities and/or summer breaks are going wonderfully!


  1. Love Dierks too!!! He came to campus and did a free concert about 2 years back and it was a blast! Congrats on getting your National Board submitted! I would love to do it some day, I've heard it's a lot of work though. Also have fun in London, I've flown through but never actually got to visit.

    Down the Learning Road

  2. I just signed up for National Board and I'm SO NERVOUS! And advice?! London? Lucky dog!
    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. Good luck! My only advice would be to try to be organized and get stuff done early. I put way too much work off until this spring and then was really stressed!


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