Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Math Freebies

We have been having fun in math the past few weeks with a few Christmas-themed games, so I wanted to share.  You all probably know about "Shake and spill."  (Put two-colored counters or beans in a cup, shake and spill them out, counting to see how many reds and how many yellows you have.  Then, write a number sentence to go with your results.)  Well, the math interventionist at my school brought me these foam trees to add some holiday fun to this station. 

The kids are loving this center right now, and I'm seeing how they are beginning to internalize number combinations.  I made a recording sheet for numbers 3-6.  You can grab it here.  If you don't have any double-sided counters, you could give students two different colors and have them make their own combinations. 

The other Christmas game also involves addition.  I give the students a recording sheet and two dice to add together.  They can play by themselves or race against a partner to see who fills their board first.  We usually use pom-pom balls to cover the numbers, but they really love it when we use M&M's or marshmallows.
I hope your kids enjoy the games!  (All graphics are from My Cute Graphics.)

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