Sunday, November 10, 2013

Currently: November

Time for another Currently with Farley!  

Listening - I started listening to Christmas music November 1.  I love it so much.  My favorite right now is Do You Hear What I Hear? (Carrie Underwood version).  
Loving - I am so, so close to being done with conferences.  I feel like they have taken over my life the past few weeks, and I am ready to be done for a while.  
Thinking - It's been an exhausting week, and I am so happy to have a 3 day weekend to recover.  Plus, my best friend is visiting, which makes my weekend even better!
Wanting - More time, always!  
Needing - To work on a lot of school stuff.  I think I'll probably leave it in my school bag till Monday afternoon though, ha!

And a yummy sister made this S'mores Monkey Bread and it is delicious.  She didn't use Rolos, just regular chocolate chips and they worked great.  I love pretty much anything s'mores...just looking at it makes me want to make some!


  1. I just finished up my conferences. We had 2 half days last week and we able to get them all done which was nice. I'm so ready for Christmas too! I love it :)


  2. That monkey bread looks delicious! Our conference schedule is a MESS! We have 3 half days- one Nov. 22, one Nov. 29- then... the last one is Dec. 13th! The report cards go home Nov. 15th- so the screenings won't even be relevant then. I don't get it. I am burning my Christmas candle now. Yum! :)
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  3. ooooh that S'mores Monkey bread does look delicious-I might have to try that one. I actually wish we were giving more time to do conferences all at once-we kind of have to schedule them here and there during planning.


    1. I've done most of mine here and there, too. Lots of late evenings and early morning and no planning time! It's a tough time!!

  4. I love Christmas music too...but I can't listen until after Thanksgiving or I get burned out! When I hear it at a store though, you can bet I'm humming along! Good luck finishing up conferences!

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  5. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the November Currently! I too wrote that I need/want more time in the day!I can't believe you are listening to Christmas music- that is awesome.
    Come and check out my current Currently!

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