Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Applicious Week

I'm way behind with my blogging are some apple activities we did last week.  Our Q-tip paintings are one of my favorites.  The kids paint the apple tree in each season, so they can see the cycle of the tree.  They love this!

In math, we played a few apple-themed games.  Here's a game one of my teammates made me.  The kids pick a number and put that many apples in the tree.  Then their partner checks their work.  (As you can see, our "apples" are really just little pieces of red paper, ha.)
For this next game, I actually had some plastic apples to use.  You could also use pom poms, unifix cubes or bingo counters.  Here, the kids had a bunch of trees.  They had to read the number on each and then put that many apples in the tree.  If they needed help, they could count the dots and match up each apple to a dot.  For a challenge, the other side was blank.  They had to recognize the number and count 1-to-1 without support.  Simple, but fun!

And of course, we had an apple tasting.  We graphed our predictions about what we would like, and the results of what we actually like best.  It was really interesting to see how drastically the graphs changed.  The kids made some really great connections and comparisons between the two graphs.

I think it's so important in kindergarten to teach kids that others have different opinions than their own.  Our apple tasting was the perfect opportunity to see that.  So, we did a shared writing activity about everyone's opinions on the apples.
It was a really fun week!  Now we are studying bats.  Stay tuned for all our bat and -at family activities!

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