Saturday, October 19, 2013

5 for Friday: Pumpkins and Other Random Stuff

So, I haven't been doing a very good job of taking pictures, but I figured I'd link up for 5 for Friday with the few pictures I have!  

1. We began to learn about pumpkins this week.  We still have a lot of pumpkin activities to do, so we will study them for at least another week.  We practiced the word "the" with this shared writing.  It also helped us work on describing words.  Next week, I'm going to turn this poster into a center where they have to write in the words "the" and "is."

 2. I found these little foam pumpkins in the dollar section at Target.  They were a huge hit.  We used this hastily drawn tens frame to practice addition, subtraction, and changing numbers.  One day, we rolled the dice and added sparkly pumpkins and non-sparkly pumpkins.  Another day, we rolled the dice then talked about how many more pumpkins we had to add to get to 10.  And we also rolled our big dice (4-9) and then rolled a small dice (0-4) to do subtraction problems.  I was surprised how popular this activity was!

3.  A few of my former students asked me for a picture of myself.  I gave them the free school pictures we got.  Then, one of my third graders made this for me.  Haha - so embarrassing, but I love the sentiment!

4. Next week, we are practicing the word "is" so I made this emergent reader.  It has four different versions for differentiation.  The different versions are either missing the letter g, the word is, or the feeling word, so they can practice writing/spelling.  There is also a version that is just normal.  Click on either picture to check it out!

5. Freebie!  We've been talking a lot about the first 3 habits.  I feel like my students understand Habit 1 and 3 okay, but still didn't seem to get Habit 2.  I made this little recording sheet for them to practice Habit 2 at blocks.   They had to make a plan, draw and write what they wanted to make, before they could build.  Click the picture to grab it.
I hope you all have a great weekend!  Hopefully I'll be back with more pictures soon!

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  1. You guys were busy! :) I love the picture your former student gave you, so sweet!



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