Monday, September 23, 2013

Shape Books and a Shape Walk

I've already posted about one of my favorite shape activities with one of my favorite shape books - Mouse Shapes.  But we've been doing a lot of shape work in my room, and a colleague loaned me two other great books I wanted to share.
The first is When a Line Bends, A Shape Begins, by Rhonda Gowler Greene.  It shows all the different places you can find a shape.  For example, "a square is four sides all the same, the boxes of a hopscotch game, a patch to cover up your knee, a present sent from you to me."  This book was fun to read over several days.  Each day, we read about a few shapes, and then looked for the shapes around our room.  The kids loved it and kept asking when we'd read more.  (We took several days because it takes a while to read, especially if you stop to find the shapes in your classroom.)

Circles, Triangles, and Squares, by Tana Hoban, is a wordless book featuring Hoban's photographs.  The photographs were of all different things, taken around the community.  The kids loved finding all the shapes in each picture, and it was interesting for me to see what they noticed.

After we finished this book, we took a "Shape Walk" around our school.  I gave each kid an index card with a shape on it.  We stuck to rectangles, triangles, circles, and squares.  Then, we went out with our vTech Kidizoom Cameras, which I can safely let the kids hold without worrying that they'll drop them and break them.  They are the best!
When someone found the shape on their card, they raised their hand and got to take a picture of it.   I had never tried this lesson before, and was a little worried kids might get bored waiting for their turn with the camera, but it went really well.  They were super excited and doing a great job making observations.  After they took a picture with the real camera, they used "imaginary cameras" to take pictures of the other shapes they saw. 

Here are some of the pictures they took.  We are going to turn them into a class book.  (I made them black and white to match the Hoban book.  Also so I can print them for free at school, ha!)

I think the Tana Hoban book may be out of print, but she has lots of other great, similar books you should check out!  The kids will love them!


  1. Danielle, what a fantastic idea! I love it. I will have to rememer this when we start our geometry unit. Thanks for sharing!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade


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