Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm a Proud Owner of the Only Pencil Sharpener You'll Ever Need

So, after seeing these pencil sharpeners on pretty much every teaching blog, I knew I needed to try one for myself.  Troy was nice enough to send me a Groovy Green to try out!

Maybe this is just my school, but we have the biggest problem with electric pencil sharpeners.  They never seem to last more than a couple days, and then everyone's stuck using those teensy tiny handheld sharpeners until someone breaks down and buys an electric again.  Not anymore!  Here's a few things I LOVE about my new pencil sharpener:

1. It sharpens even the cheapest of pencils (ahem..Dixon) to a sharp point.  See?
 2. It is quiet.  It is miserable to sit and sharpen fifty pencils, listening to the roar of the electric pencil sharpener and praying it won't break.   

3. It stands on its own and is light/easy to move.  (Although you can mount it if you'd like...it comes with the hardware.)
4. It's easy enough for kids to use it themselves.  If you watch the video, you'll see how the silver part slides in to let them know when it's done sharpening.  Obviously I'm not a good student, because I did not watch the video before I took the picture above.  Luckily, it still worked for me. :)

5. It's easy to empty the lead.

6. It's made by a teacher!  And I know we all love to support our fellow teachers! 

7. It is only $25, with free shipping.  If you can get some friends together, you can get an even better deal.  3 together are only $18 a piece.  If you can get your whole school on board, buy 36 for just $14 each.

8. They come in so many cute colors and designs.  Besides the green, there's pink, blue, black, red, and even a car sharpener.  How cute is that?
Car Sharpener 
If you've been thinking of buying one, I promise, it is worth it!  My students and I are loving this new addition to our classroom!  Go grab one now!

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