Sunday, September 15, 2013

All About Me Unit

I wanted to post about a few more All About Me/Names activities my class has been working on.  We made these self-portraits that turned out great!
I cut out the pieces of the body, and my assistant cut the hair (with the kids sitting beside her and explaining what it should look like).  The kids did all the gluing and coloring.  I'm really impressed with how cute they look!
 I hung them up around the room, with our Chrysanthemum name activities.

We also finished up our Star Names.  I always love how these turn out!  And it's great fine motor work!!  My advice for the stars is to make sure and spread out the letters - write them big, with space in between.  And, I only put one color of sticker at each table.  The names show up more clearly if they're done in one color, and kids are less tempted to use a different color if they don't have them at their table.
Next week, we're moving onto fall, leaves, and then apples.  What are you studying in your class?

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