Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently August

Every month this summer I've been shocked when I saw people posting their new currently's.  So...four days late, here is mine:
Most of that is self-explanatory, but I cannot believe that students will be walking through my door 3 weeks from tomorrow!  I have so much to do between now and then.  I've been doing lots of back to school shopping...too much probably, ha!  And some of my B2S must haves are flair pens, labels (I label the kids' folders, notebooks, etc.) and lots and lots of laminating film.  I am so anxious to get to the laminator at school!

I'm off to work on some more school projects.  Hopefully I'll be done to post for Monday Made-It tomorrow :)

Link up with Farley here...
Oh' boy fourth grade


  1. I love Flair pens! I actually put them on my supply list this year! I am your newest follower!

    Owl Always Love Teaching First Grade

  2. So solve the need for one more beach trip I moved to the beach! Now I don't have to wait. I highly recommend it :) Newest follower. I am a 3rd year teacher getting ready to start my 2nd year in Kinder and I can't wait (but I also don't want summer to end)!

    1. Great idea! Maybe next year I can make the beach a year-round thing :)


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