Monday, August 26, 2013

Classroom Tour and Open House!

I am finally ready to post pictures of my classroom!  The past week has been busy with professional development, PLC meetings, and trying to fit in time to work in my room.  The kids started today and I am exhausted!  I only had 10 today.  I'll have 10 more tomorrow, and then all 20 together on Wednesday!

I'll post about my first day soon, but for now, here's some pictures of my classroom...
 Here's a view from one end of my room.  It makes my room look a lot bigger than it actually is.  It's a long room, but not as wide as I'd like, which can make floor plans kind of challenging. 

 My recovered office chair at my {messy} guided reading table.  I'm really excited about the new fabric.  The other fabric was so old and worn looking.

 Word Wall...I know it's kind of hard to see details, but right now I just have these letters and everyone's names.  We will add words each week as we learn them.

 Here's my carpet area...Smart Board, calendar, number posters below the board, and alphabet posters above. 
I used this leopard print border or zebra border with black paper for all my room boards.  I really like the way everything goes together.  

 View as you go into my classroom library.  You can see more pictures of it here.  I'm going to put big books in the blue crate, as we read them.  I have two little yellow crates they can sit on.  I was going to add fabric cushions, but our crazy fire marshal has outlawed any unnecessary fabric!  So...they'll have to get comfortable on the wooden seats.  We still have stuffed animals to cuddle with though!

 Block Center.  I am LOVING my new rug.  I desperately needed a new one for this area and found this at Garden Ridge.  I had to dig under about 30 other rugs to get to it, but it was worth it!
Since my blocks center is in the middle of the room, I used that area to hang my seven habits posters.   As we learn about each habit, I will also post the habit of the week in the front of the room.

 Most of my homeliving center. 

The rest of homeliving...table and chairs.  I found the brown chair at the last minute.  Another teacher was about to throw it out.  As soon as I get the energy, I'm going to paint it to make a new "Star of the Week" chair.  Our old Star of the Week chair met an untimely death last spring.  It crashed to the floor one too many times.  This one will be sturdier, I think.

 My birthday board on the side of a bookshelf.  Soon to include pictures a la Erica Bohrer.

I'm really happy to have some extra storage with this little Target bookshelf.  I added some picture frames with students' from past years.  And in the background I have a new chalkboard I'm super excited about!  (TJ Maxx find)

So that is my room in an nutshell.  It is far from perfect but I am pretty happy with how everything flows, and I think it will work well for my class this year.  

We had Open House last Thursday, and I made these little treat bags for my new students.

And one of my students brought me this treat...
I guess his mom and I can bond over our shared love for printable pinterest finds, ha! 

But I got the best gift the next day during our last staff meeting of the week.  Walmart came by and gave out 20 gift cards for 50 dollars a piece!  I could not believe it.  I kept asking people..."Did they say fifteen?"  And they would say, "No, I think they said fifty."  I literally threw my hands up in the air and cheered when they called me as one of the winners.  And I've totally already spent that gift card!  So nice of Walmart to support teachers :)

I know a lot of you went back to school today, like me.  I promise to post about our first day soon. We did a lot of fun stuff in between talking about how to wash our hands and line up and go through the cafeteria line!  I hope everyone's first days/weeks/etc are going well, too!

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  1. Your room looks great Danielle!I love all of your rugs! Congrats on winning that gift card. That's an awesome treat!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade


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