Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ten Pins for Reading

Today I'm linking up with Ashley for Ten Pins about Reading!  Seriously, what did we do before pinterest?  I love all the new ideas I get from there.  And Ashley's linkys help me find the very best pins for teaching!  Since I teach kindergarten, I use the Daily 5 format with some modifications.  I include developmental centers along with my daily 5 centers, but I work a lot on building their stamina for independent and buddy reading throughout the year.  Here are some of the best reading ideas I've found lately!
Brown Bag Book Club: Students fill out the reader response form. Fill the back with popcorn and divide students into groups to discuss the story. They can snack as they share what they learned.  
This is a super cute idea from Cara Carroll.  Brown Bag Book Club!  There are so many ways you could modify the responses.  You could even do picture responses for beginning kinders.  I think my kids would love to talk about the books we've read while munching away on popcorn!

I really want to do a Reading Web this year.  Each paperclip is one book read at home.  It would be so cool to see it grow throughout the year!

Don't you love this?  The quote is so very true and the giraffe wearing glasses is adorable. 
I've used these Daily 5 motions a lot to practice cross-checking with my students.  I love the idea of making it into a poster - especially a poster featuring the students.  They love to see themselves around the classroom. 

Cute, simple anchor chart.  Perfect for introducing books at the beginning of the year.

I went to a training this spring on the importance of vocabulary instruction.  Since then, I have tried to be more purposeful in how I teach vocabulary, and which words I choose to teach.   I think this is a great idea to help keep those words fresh in everybody's mind.  It would be cool (for one's where it could apply) to add a picture clue next to the word, too.

Love this simple pointer to help kids highlight sight words when reading!
These reading boxes are so cute, especially the pictures on the front that show each kid reading.  Perfect way to remind them they are readers, every day!

I love the book Peter's Chair and this looks like a great way to teach theme!

This is another great anchor chart for making connections.  I love the detailed pictures and descriptions.

Now it's your turn! Go to Just Reed and link up all your favorite reading pins!
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And if you are a fellow Carolina blogger, want to meet up?  Go to Amanda's blog and read about a possible North and South Carolina get together!

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!


  1. Love your pins!
    Thanks for the tip about Wilmington. I'm going to check out the Dawson Creek tour the next time I am there. We got stuck going to the children's museum because it completely down poured on us.

    1. Aww that's too bad! But yes, definitely check it out!

  2. Great pins! Especially loved the brown bag book club. Teaching with Giggles


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