Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party - Classroom Decor

I am linking up with Ashley to share my ten favorite classroom decor pins. Click on the pictures to go to the pin.
Even though the year just ended, I have all sorts of ideas for next year's classroom.  I really love this color scheme...I used a lot of aqua and black this year, but would like to incorporate more green and some pink, too.

I'm also hoping to redo some very old bookshelves in my room and maybe paint them similar to this color.
I have seen some awesome ceiling tile art, and as long as I can get my principal on board, I would love for each of my students to decorate one of our ceiling tiles like this.
As for themes, I usually don't have a big theme running throughout the classroom, but I'm becoming more and more obsessed with owls and other birds.   Here are some awesome things I might incorporate!

And I love the idea of creating a timeline of photos and writing throughout the year!
I think this is a really cute idea for the writing center, to keep everything organized and in one place.
And I've always wanted to have a tent of some sort in my reading center.  This one looks like it'd be a good size...just not sure how difficult it would be to make.
I actually made glitter clothespins last year, but never put up a clothesline.  I'm hoping to use my clothespins A LOT more this year!

And wouldn't this be a cool project?  I would love to have a rock from each student surrounding our playground.  You could even send them home with materials to be painted as a family.

That is my ten!  Of course in the next few weeks, I am sure I will find a thousand different things I want to do in my room.  Especially as I look through everyone elses' ideas on Ashley's linky!  Be sure to link up and check out all the great ideas!


  1. Hey Danielle! I love the time line pin! What a great idea! I'm going to have to keep that in mind for next year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Cute ideas!!! It's hard narrowing down the ideas on Pinterest! :) Great ones!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  3. I love that rock garden idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I'd never seen that one before. And that ceiling tile idea is amazing. Please share if you get approval. Happy to be a new follower. I love your background by the way.


  4. I love the aqua/teal theme - super cute! The stacked paint cans are cute. Any ideas on where to get some?

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

    1. I'm not sure...Hobby Lobby is usually my best bet for anything crafty, though!


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