Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Butterflies and Fairytales

Hey everybody!  I've been such a bad blogger lately.  We are 26 school days away from summer, and things are so busy.  I know so many people are counting down to summer, but I am still stressing about all I have to do between now and then.  So...sorry if I don't blog as much as normal for the next 5 weeks.

We began to learn about insects this week and we started by looking at butterflies.  I started with butterflies, because all of my girls are suddenly obsessed with them.  We made this diagram of the life cycle as a class:
And then they made their own diagrams:

We've been watching video clips on Discovery Education. (Does your district subscribe to that website?  It is so great, especially to let the kids observe science in action.)  And we learned today about the parts of an insect.  We labeled those parts on the butterfly:

We've got a few more butterfly activities to finish this week, and then we're going to compare them to other insects.  We also finished up our fairy tale-writing this week with our class book.  The kids worked together on this story (dictating to me).  I printed it, and they each illustrated a page.  Here are a few excerpts...

It was a really fun way to do shared writing.  It was so interesting to see how passionate everyone got about what would happen in the story.  We had to make a lot of compromises!

I know everyone's been talking about Instagram and I missed Teacher Talk Tuesday.  I already have an Instagram, and it seemed silly to make a second one for my blog, so you can follow me @danielle_faerber.  Hopefully I'll keep up with that, even if I can't stay on top of blogging this month.  Clutter-Free Classroom has a great photo-a-day list, too, that I'm going to try to do, too.

Good luck to everyone starting testing this week!

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