Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Plants and Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day today...just a little late :)  We made an anchor chart to brainstorm ways to help the earth and then painted these handprint earths that I've seen all over pinterest.
"I can turn off the TV and lights.  I can walk to my neighbors' house."
 This one cracks me up: "I will plant flowers all day until I am done."

I'm not sure how, but as we were discussing Earth Day and how to help the earth, the topic of markers came up and kids got so stuck on it.  I would ask them how they were going to help the earth and they'd say: "Put the lid on my marker."  Um...okay.  It was my fault really, because when the first student mentioned markers, I tried to give them credit so I said, "Yeah, if we take care of our markers then we won't throw them away so much and there won't be so much trash."  So then I ended up having to walk around and say, "Don't write about markers!  How else can you help the earth?"  (Can you tell we've spent too much time this year talking about marker lids?)

Anyway, here's our hallway display.  

We have been learning about plants in science.  Over the past week, we filled in this chart as we watched video clips and read books about each part of the plant.
 And yesterday they made their own plant diagrams.

 We used yarn roots, a popcorn kernel seed, a straw stem, construction paper leaves, and tissue paper flowers.  Now we're moving on to talk about insects!

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