Friday, April 5, 2013

Google Reader Alternatives

If you're like me, you freaked out when you heard Google Reader was going away.  I still don't understand why they're doing it?  Anyways, I've been researching some new blog-reading options (though I'm still mainly using Google Reader...I don't do well with change :)

Here's some info on the two I've found and liked the best...

1. Feedly

2. bloglovin'

In summary, both of these have great things to offer.  Right now, I'm leaning toward bloglovin' just because I love seeing things on people's actual blogs.  As I've been reading on there, I've thought "I had totally forgotten what a cool design she had."  But I'm going to keep an eye on feedly too, because I bet they'll be making changes as more and more people switch over from google reader. 

What do you think?  Have you found any good alternatives for google reader?


  1. Thank you for this helpful post!!! We appreciate the pictures and detailed information.
    Tamra and Sarah (also NC teachers)
    First Grade Buddies

    1. Glad it was helpful! I'd love to know where you are in's always fun to meet other NC teachers.

  2. Thanks for the comparison! I signed up for Bloglovin' but can't let go of my Google Reader :)
    PolkaDot Kinders

  3. I'm using since the day I read google reader was closing the door. It's pretty cool (not as much as the original :( but it's also young). I highly recommend it!


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