Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Leprechauns' Visit

Yesterday was so much fun!  Here's my Five for Friday/Friday Flashback - Leprechaun Style!

1. The kids came into this everywhere!  I always get a little nervous looking at the mess, but know it will be cleaned up quickly with all the kids working on it.  This year, I told them *as soon as we cleaned up* we'd go on our treasure hunt.  They were like tornadoes.  I've never seen them clean up so quickly!

2. We made our leprechaun traps in teams at school to work on the habit of Synergy/Teamwork.  I was really impressed with how well they worked together!  This student is checking his trap for leprechauns, and finding the glitter, stickers, and "emeralds" the leprechauns left behind. 

3. We used the shamrock clues to go around the school and eventually find these little treat bags.  My kids were so excited.  One of my students stopped everyone we met to tell them we were looking for leprechauns and to ask if they had seen them.  

4. They stayed super excited for the rest of the day.  Any speck of dirt they found in the room was a "clue."  They even found a little smudge of mud they said was a footprint.  During writing, I gave them the freedom to write whatever they wanted.  Most of them chose to write letters to the leprechauns, and leave them around the room.  When they went to recess, I was running around trying to make sure I picked them all up and hid them.  I love how this letter was written in rainbow color order - just like the shamrocks the leprechauns left.

Come out.  Don't worry.  We will not chase you.  I want you to be happy.  Please give us some candy.  All we want is for you is to...(goes on for a few more pages)
5. This was one of my favorite letters.  She was so serious.  Of course, she may have been yearning to see a leprechaun so badly because some of her friends were liars had vivid imaginations and "saw" many leprechauns throughout the day!

Now, we've got to start focusing on quarterly assessments, but in 9 more school days Spring Break will finally be here!


  1. I love the shamrock clues!! I'm getting sooo many great ideas for next year. :) I popped over from Doodle Bugs Friday Five linky.

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  2. Awwww, your kiddos must have had the most amazing time EVER with your St. Patty's fun!!! Love, love it all!

    Teaching Maddeness


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