Sunday, February 24, 2013

True Colors Linky

I'm linking up with Tori for her True Colors personality test linky.  There are four color options, based on a short personality quiz.  Because I'm such a data nerd, I put my answers into a spreadsheet and color coded it! 

4's are the things that best described me and 1's are the things that least described me.  After adding all the scores together...I am gold.


Gold people:
  • need to follow the rules and respect authority
  • have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life
  • need to be useful and to belong
  • value home, family, and tradition
  • are natural preservers, parents, and helpers
  • are caring, dependable, and organized
I thought it was interesting to read that Gold's are the people who most easily adapted to school as children.  I guess it's not surprising then that many teachers who linked up are gold! 

I also thought it was interesting looking at my data and seeing I had some traits of blue and green, but I was definitely NOT an orange (I had almost all 1's here.)  Then I started thinking about which of my students might be "orange" and how we might have more trouble connecting/communicating because of it.  In the document, here were strategies to improve relationships with "bright orange" people:
  • recognize their need for freedom 
  • value their playfulness
  • help them think before they act 
  • spontaneously play with them 
  • realize their stress comes from lack of excitement 
  • praise their skills 
  • assign hands-on, action-packed projects
  • provide opportunities to be adventurous
  • allow them freedom to do things their own way
  • provide opportunities for competition
Kind of interesting!  If you want to find out your color, check out Tori's post and link-up!


  1. Wow, SO interesting! Love your point about understanding the "oranges" of the world... can you believe that our principal is orange? He finds it hard to deal with a school full of golds :) hehe..
    Thanks SO much for linking up- great post!!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

    1. That's crazy about your principal! Thanks for your comment!


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