Monday, January 7, 2013

Star of the Week

I've been finding myself wanting to blog, but feeling uninspired by my current classroom activities...we are assessing and assessing and assessing.  Our quarter ends the 18th and I'm working my way through state tests and county tests and school/grade level requirements.

We are sneaking in a few fun activities I'll hopefully post later this week, but for now, I decided to share what we do for Star of the Week.  I know many of you do Student/Star of the Week, too, and I would love to hear your ideas.  Here's what we do in my room...

Each Thursday, a child goes home with the special star of the week letter and a poster board.  On Monday, they return the poster *hopefully* filled with pictures of their family and their life. That day, they share their poster and have an interview with the class.

Here is the result of our interview with our star today:
The Star calls on each student and answers their question.  They can ask any question they want.  At the beginning of the year, we practice asking questions.  (In the beginning, some just want to ask yes/no questions.  Do you like pizza?  Do you like recess? etc.)  But they always catch on quickly and are so motivated to come up with interesting questions.

We hang the Star's poster and interview writing outside our door.  So many people stop by and look at it, which I think is so cool.  It helps everyone in the school connect with our sweet little kindergartners.

All week, the Star gets to line up right behind the line leader (I don't find this that exciting, but for some reason my kinders really really do.)  And the Star gets to sit in this special chair:
And each day, they do something special.  On Tuesday, they get a special pencil and sticker. Wednesday, they bring in their favorite toy for show and tell.  At the beginning of the week, they take home our class mascot - a little eagle, and a journal.  On Thursday, they return the eagle and share their journal of what they did together.  And on Friday, they wear a crown and get a certificate.  The crown seems to be the most important thing.  Sometimes stars will ask me every day when they'll get to wear their crown.

A lot of times, the Star's family will also come in for a special activity (usually reading their favorite story and sharing a snack).  It's a really special week for the kid and the family!

If you're looking for some different Star of the Week ideas, I did a few new things when I looped to first last year.  Instead of sending home a blank poster board, I sent an "All About Me" poster where they had to write in things about themselves to go with their pictures.

Rather than doing another interview, we did a making words activity using the name of the Star.  We put all the words we made into a wordle that I printed and posted in the hall.  Here's an example (using my name).
And for a spin on Show and Tell, we did a Mystery Box.  The Star took home our empty Mystery Box and returned it with an object and three clues.  The class guessed the object based on the clues. 

Do you do Star of the Week or something similar?  What's your favorite activity to do?


  1. I love Wordle.....and I LOVE your chair. Did you make this? My students would love to sit in this. Since I only have 10 students, I do star student of the "month." I send home an "All About Me" sheet for them and their family to fill out and there is a place to add a photo or two. I also ask the parents to do one of the following:
    Describe a funny or special story about your child.
    Tell us some things we may not know about your child.
    Send silly or special photos of your child with a letter describing them.
    Write a poem about your child.

    I also ask them to choose a day to pay a surprise visit to their star student.

    For that month, the student gets to be the teachers pet!

    The Bender Bunch

    1. Those are great ideas. It must be super exciting to be star of the month! I love the idea of having the parents telling something about the children. Yes, I did paint the chair...thanks :)


    2. Wow! That chair is amazing! I used to use a kids' camping chair, but it was too short for their desks! My kiddos would love your chair!

  2. I just learned about Wordle a few months ago! Cute activity!


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