Sunday, December 2, 2012

Learning about Hanukkah

We started learning about Holidays around the World last week.  We first focused on Hanukkah.  After reading and recording what we learned about the holiday, my students were really interested in the Jewish star.  We did a little project where we made our own stars.  I gave the students six strips of paper and told them to make 2 triangles.  (This process was really telling...everyone in my class can recognize a triangle, but some had trouble with the visual/spatial problem solving to make all three strips touch at both corners.)  After they had 2 triangles, they glued the triangles together and decorated them.  We hung them in the windows.

We also sang a great song by Jack Hartmann.  If you don't have his "Rhythms and Rhymes for Special Times," I highly recommend.  The Hanukkah song is simple, but upbeat, and the kids love it! My personal favorite song every year is Milton the Dancing Christmas Mouse.  So sweet!
And we made our Hanukkah books to review vocabulary.  They were a good take-home so students could read and teach their families about the holiday. 
This picture shows the 3 different books my students completed, depending on level.
Next week, we will talk about Kwanzaa and start some Gingerbread activities.  I <3 this time of year!


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