Friday, December 7, 2012

Kwanzaa, Gingerbread, and a Freebie!

This week, we talked about Kwanzaa and began to do some gingerbread activities.  (We're doing a lot more with the gingerbread man next week...there's too much for just one week!)

For Kwanzaa, we made these kinaras.

I just gave the kids a piece of red, a piece of green, and a piece of brown.  They had to cut the pieces to make the three candles for each side and fix the candle holder.  Doing this activity seemed to help them remember that the kinara has unique colors that represent Kwanzaa, unlike the Hanukkah menorah.
We also worked on our Kwanzaa books, which the kids took home today to read to their families.
The kids worked on finding letters...
writing the sight word "look"...
and sounding out words.

In math, we talked about positional words and practiced with "Where is the Gingerbread Man?" books.  The kids were really excited to read these books together and act out the gingerbread man's position.  We squeezed in a little conversation about synonyms, too, as we noticed the positional words that meant the same thing.

I made boy and girl versions because I have one sweet student who always turns everything into a girlified version...eyelashes and lipstick and everything.  She was so excited to have a gingerbread girl!

So if you've made it through this rambling post, here is your reward - a gingerbread freebie!  Click here for some ginger capital and lowercase letters.  Boys are holding the capitals and girls are holding the lowercase.  A few of my students use them to match and practice letter ID and the rest use them for spelling our sight words or CVCs.  Hope you like them!

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